Reorganization & new developments for RTPProxy


Why the changes?

There are a number of new features and improvements in in the pipeline for both projects. We want to make these changes, and the projects in general, more accessible to the community.

What is changing?

Source Code and Issue Tracking

We have moved the rtpproxy and b2bua projects from Sourceforge to We will publish future work under the same github organizational account.

The equivalent URLs are as follows:

Sippy organizational page

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists have both been migrated from mailman to Google Groups.



We have merged -user and -devel mailing lists for both projects, as the mailing list traffic is relatively low, and users of these projects are all technical enough not to be scared by developers talking about developer things.


Finally, for the twitter users out there, you can follow @sippylabs which will post only about new releases or changes that we merit as interesting. There will be no marketing related activity on this handle.

All questions welcome!